Coobro or OC

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06-05-2005 13:31:30

I am looking to start an offer and reading through the forums, sounds like neither coobro or OC are good options right now. I just finished a gratis offer and though I got my item eventually, the wait and the unknowns were not a pleasent experience. From the sounds of it, OC and coobro are even worse... I would really hate to complete a bunch of offers/greens and get denied or wait for approval for 2-3 months...

What do folks think? Any preference etc?


06-05-2005 13:38:27

OC >> gratis >>>> Coobro


06-05-2005 13:40:52

For me it's more like gratis >>> OC >>> coobro


08-05-2005 13:28:43

OC and Gratis are reasonably fast greening and processing. Coobro is not.


08-05-2005 13:33:11

Gratis >> OC >>>>>> Coobro


08-05-2005 13:33:51

[quote065faedafb="Archon810"]Gratis >> OC >>>>>> Coobro[/quote065faedafb]

so true


08-05-2005 15:35:41

I guess gratis has gotten better at giving proper credit. I haven't used Coobro. Does anyone have any screenshots of their offer and status pages? I don't feel like signing up unless it is for a trade.