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06-05-2005 13:04:26

Does Zooba credit fast on OC sites? I did this for my dvrs4free (which finally got completed), but I'm not sure when to expect the green


06-05-2005 23:30:45

I had experience with it taking a month and many emails to get a credit. It was OC, can't remember what site.


07-05-2005 11:00:49

Damn, really?
That's what I'm waiting for to get into review;( Hope it turns green by tuesday


07-05-2005 11:02:04

Looks like they have a ton of new offers on OC. Just did one of the new pill offers for my PSPs4Free, hoping it will turn green fast.


09-05-2005 11:13:56

Well, I got next-day credit as they said;) In review for mp3players4free (still waiting!) and dvrs4free (as of today)