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03-05-2005 16:57:56

I signed up for the blockbuster offer on the 26th of last month and still have not received credit. Has this happend to any one else? Will I ever get my credit?

I was about to file an "never received credit" with them , but I noticed they want a copy and paste of my conformation email and I accidently deleted the thing last week. Im thinking about contacting Blockbuster and asking them to resend it or something.

Thanks for any help


03-05-2005 22:34:07

yup, i signed up since the 22nd and no credit, i guess they wont credit, so i did another offer...


04-05-2005 07:41:43

the 26th was only 5 or 6 business days ago


04-05-2005 08:06:42

The pop-up window said wait 2-3 days for credit , it's already been more than double that ammount of time.


05-05-2005 11:00:13

man. im waiting for 4 offers i completed to go through on this site. its really pissing me off. anybody getting green signing up last week? been a whole week. i gotta cancel 3 of those offers next week.


05-05-2005 14:41:40

I sent them an offer credit follow-up yesterday , I received an auto responce but so far no credit.

I don't think I will be signing up for any more offer centric sites , they seem to slack too much. I've signed up for two gratice sites and the longest it took to get credit was 4 days and that was for the completly free napster offer. I actually paid 10bux for this blockbuster offer and still I get nothing.


10-05-2005 19:16:42

Still waiting on 2-3 differnet OC sites.