Did OC change MP3players4free's referral requirements?

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02-05-2005 17:22:47

i logged into my account today and on the status page it clearly shows that I have 4 referrals who have completed offers. However, at the top it still says I need to refer 2 more friends. Does anybody know if they have changed their requirements from 5 to 6? I have contacted OC support but no response yet.


02-05-2005 17:42:24

Hm, not sure.

In the TOS it still says refer 5 people.
I'm in reviewing right now - and I'm sure I had 5 when it went in reviewing. However, now I have 6?!?
I'm sure that they increased the requirements for the bonus gift however - it was 1 extra way back in 2004;)


02-05-2005 18:55:55

can anybody else who is still working on this site check their status pages and let me know what they say. thanks


02-05-2005 19:15:28

I have three greens and it says I need two more... just checked...

so yeah... still 5.. they did went up on the bonus gift, though.. now you have to refer 2 people instead of 1 for that...


02-05-2005 19:18:39

its been 2 people for several months atleast since December when i did it


02-05-2005 21:31:40

I have 5 refs and I'm in review.


03-05-2005 21:35:30

That makes no sense then that I have 4 referrals so far and it still says i need 2....

Still waiting for a response from customer support.


04-05-2005 04:22:14

I was approved a few days ago with 5 greens. Hope they ship soon.


05-05-2005 22:18:32

OK so i finally got 5 referrals but it still said i needed one more. OC support eventually responded to my emails and they said that there was a problem with their system and it has been corrected. They took one of my referrals away because they said it was not referred by my account. That is total bullshit because the one they took away was a friend of mine. Needless to say i am not happy about this and i am hoping they will correct this new mistake that was made while trying to correct the first one. I want my $275!