How long to ship?

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29-04-2005 20:22:46

How long does it take to get your Ipod from mp3players4free, after you submit for verification? How long for their PayPal payment? Because I was thinking that if the PayPal is a lot faster, I could just get that and buy an Ipod myself ($270 with a student discount).


29-04-2005 20:35:32

The PayPal is pretty fast.

Once you place your "order" for PayPal, they usually send that next Friday.

For example, I was approved and placed my order on PSPs4Free (offercentric) on Tuesday of this week requesting the PayPal payout and today (Friday), I got the PayPal payment in the morning (less than 72 hours later).

I'm not sure how fast the shipping of products is, but the PayPal is pretty fast (usually every Friday).