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27-04-2005 20:43:58

Finally, i placed it for order. but i had a long does this take? does anyone know when will i get my item...(20gigipod)

Order Status Placed 4/26/2005

Item Status Tracking
Apple iPod 20GB With Click Wheel Order Placed Not Available

any idea guys?


27-04-2005 21:00:29

Give it 1-2 weeks for it to arrive


27-04-2005 21:27:09

dam.......that long!


27-04-2005 21:31:27

Better then waiting 3 months like other people.


29-04-2005 12:54:54

[quote264a469f20="CoMpFrEaK"]Give it 1-2 weeks for it to arrive[/quote264a469f20]
Will they always give you a tracking number? So 1-2 weeks from order placement?


29-04-2005 13:08:25

took me a week from when i ordered my 20gb it arrived before i had a tracking number