Take a look at this situation and advise me accordingly....

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26-04-2005 12:45:43

I had [bc2f99b8948]cmendoza[/bc2f99b8948] complete an offer for me and then I did one for him.
Here is the conversations that ensued after I completed the offer and PM'ed him

[quotec2f99b8948="Ben to OC (paraphrased PM's with Chris)"]


I'm writing to you regarding an offer I did for a Chris Mendoza.
(cmendoza@____com). I signed up for his PSPs4Free and
did the Corticet offer. I was just credited today.

He tells me that I am not "showing up" on his account.
Here is a brief account of the steps I did when I signed up for him
and the conversation that ensued.
cmendoza wrote
"still nothing I think I may need to contact them. I haven't seen a
green or anyone yet =/ "

benbrown2 wrote
"Hmm...again http//www.freeipodguide.com/phpBB2/smilies_mod/upload/0d591e5c594eb5cf76257b921406e62e.gif[" alt=""/imgc2f99b8948] , never heard of such a thing. I would make sure you
have your referral numbers straight b/c I signed up picture perfectly
1)Used the referral link you gave me
2)Registered as email==______@gmail.com______@gmail.com=______@gmail.com______@gmail.com/email (my ref. link)
3)used IE browser (accepted all cookies)
4)completed Corticet offer
5)have confirmation email
6)am currently pending (yellow) --- now I'm green (Monday)

So, I don't know what the story is. If possible, please just add me
to his list?
I have no idea what to tell Chris.

Thanks for your help!!"
I'll let you know what they say Chris. )

OC responded today


Unfortuntely our records indicate you did not follow the referral link
correctly. Although you have been credited for your completed offer,
we cannot change who you signed up under after the fact.[/quotec2f99b8948]

So, I'm out 7 bucks and he has no credit. what should I do?
I can't do PSPs4Free again and I followed everything to the tee.



26-04-2005 12:52:41

there is nothing you can do


26-04-2005 13:02:55

Yeah, I'd say cut your losses and move on.


26-04-2005 13:07:34

so that's it? we just have to move on then.
I guess something was bound to mess up along the way.

'tis life in the free lane. Bummer for Chris (


26-04-2005 13:25:31

life goes on....its not a big deal