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21-04-2005 19:26:59

I was copying down the offers for someone on pvps4free and I saw these offers that I haven't seen before.
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22-04-2005 11:55:20

so, offers change all the time


22-04-2005 12:00:30

uh, and when they change I like to know about them and other people do as well. That's why i post so they'd know roll


22-04-2005 12:30:43

retro, thanks for letting us know. I'd done almost all the other ones--good to see some new ones pop up.


22-04-2005 12:34:54

D See someone cares!

And my sister did yesterd & she sent a cs inquiry to OC and they said it should be credited within 5 - 7 days. We'll see how that goes.


28-04-2005 12:37:35

Did anyone do freeservers? I'm thinking of completing that one but I'm still doubtful)


28-04-2005 12:56:16

[quote6021957b55="pistonz"]so, offers change all the time[/quote6021957b55]

comments like this arent needed noob


28-04-2005 15:05:46

[quotedf7b10d48a="Stroid"][quotedf7b10d48a="pistonz"]so, offers change all the time[/quotedf7b10d48a]

comments like this arent needed noob[/quotedf7b10d48a]

imma noob)