Over a week STV, no shipping info, on Cameras4Free?

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19-04-2005 20:11:04

It's been 8 business days since I was changed to STV on Cameras4free, and still not even any tracking information. I had thought that for OC, STV basically meant it was shipped right away. Am I wrong?


19-04-2005 20:27:25

Send them email via your account and ask when it will be shipped and which carrier they are using.


20-04-2005 09:11:44

I did. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

EDIT Woot! I got a response with a tracking number. So now, lol, does OC use DHL as well? And what kind of origin zip codes do I have to put in? This is my first OC item!!!


20-04-2005 22:22:11

mp3players4free never updated my account status w/ a tracking #. the ipod just arrived on my doorstep today. it was sent UPS and according to the tracking # it was first scanned on the 16th.


20-04-2005 22:39:38

Yeah, usually when you go STV, you're shipped.

Rube Waddell

26-04-2005 02:52:00

What does "STV" mean?

Under Status, mine says "order placed" and under Tracking, it says "Not available." It turned this way on Friday. Do you guys have an idea how long it will take for me to get my camera from this point? I guess it must change again at some point, but to what?

Any help would be appreciated.



26-04-2005 03:43:51

Sent To Vendor means that it's in the vendors hand and that OC no longer has anything to do with the order.