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19-04-2005 14:08:05

This is my first time I have got the required greens, and im pretty excited. But I was wondering if they ship you a paypal check in the mail or do they send it to your email address you signed up with? And would I get my iPod if I chose that gift at the same time I would get my paypal money? I chose the paypal right now, and I dont know if I should change, or even if I can change.


19-04-2005 16:13:52

you will get the paypal faster. after they have reviewed your account you can place an order and give them your paypal address. you will get it in the email probably later that week or the next.


19-04-2005 16:17:16

Mine's also reviewing as of today! w000t good luck!


19-04-2005 20:11:44

I was just wondering how long it usually takes to get an ipod, after all offers and referals are completed. I haven't finished mine yet, but I was wondering. Thanks


19-04-2005 22:17:41

mine is also reviewing as of today, it got reviewed once and got my 5th ref DQ'd, finally got one more, hopefullly this one will work out better


22-04-2005 08:30:37

APPROVED as of 330am this morning ) hopefully i'll get my paypal tonight!


22-04-2005 08:46:17

Probly next wednesday


22-04-2005 12:37:02

I got all my greens on Monday, been in review since that date of 4/19. Emailed them and they said to please wait 3 business days. So, even not counting Monday as the first business day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that's 3, Friday makes it 4, I know they don't do anything saturday or sunday.

Well, I'm a patient person but I'm not starting on anymore sites until I get this one fully completed. I picked an Ipod, my predictions are approved on 4/27 and ipod in hands about May 11th I'm guessing.

liEDITli Just got home and found that my account has been approved and I placed my order.



22-04-2005 22:19:08

How can I get a "paypal check in the mail"? ;)


25-04-2005 13:09:20

Well, I had a problem. I got my account canceled because "I" signed up twice. When in reality I did not, and some guy with a email with allen in his name did. But they fixed me up real quick, and now my account is back ).

But, one of my refs got DQ'd. And his email just so happened to have allen in it too, I wonder if that is a coincidence or not. I have not goten in touch with the DQr but he is a noob here and his name is father a11en.

Hopefully I can either get him to go green or give my 20$ back! Man this is taking a long time to see the money, but I think it is about to come.