Question about the PSP w/Spiderman 2

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19-04-2005 08:50:19

Does anyone know what stores are carrying the PSP with the Spiderman 2 UMD right now?? I think I'm going to buy it instead of hoping OC sends me one...instead I'll switch to the Paypal. Thanks!


19-04-2005 10:34:07

Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, Target, and Blockbuster have all been in stock in my area (metro-Atlanta). They aren't hard to find at this point, but the ones with Spiderman are dwindling fast. Get yours soon if you can.


19-04-2005 11:19:06

Yep.. get it soon. I got the last one at my local Wal-Mart when I did the exchange with the one i got from OC (it was minus the Spiderman 2 UMD).


19-04-2005 16:26:55

I got SOOOOO lucky today. My PSP broke, so I went back into return it and they gave me the stock one without SpiderMan 2. Then the guy behind me was returning his new in box one because he needed the money, so Wal-Mart let me swap and get Spider Man 2.


19-04-2005 16:29:50

broke because of something you did? or something wrong when it was manufactured?


19-04-2005 20:25:45

You broke your PSP??? or was it already broke?

That's about the only thing Wal-Mart is good for... doing no questions asked returns.


19-04-2005 21:34:55

I broke it. I was surprised at how easy it was. The guy didn't even look at the PSP. For all he knew, I coudl have hit it with a sledgehammer (which I didn't).


19-04-2005 21:45:59

I accidentally dropped mine the other day onto concrete (fell out of my hands walking out to the car). I just knew mine was smashed, but luckily it was fine. [whew]

Time for a nice metal case...


19-04-2005 21:47:53

HAHA no0ne! I fell the other day, and it might have been on the PSP. Maybe that was why. Yeah, and I'm going to get a metal case.


19-04-2005 22:13:18

Trying to say that you've turned [b8290fb7500]Lumines[/b8290fb7500] into a drinking game have you? wink