Just got approved for cameras4free at 1:14 AM.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=12035


18-04-2005 22:22:24

People working round the clocks? Or maybe just backed up servers....

Regardless, WOOT 8)


18-04-2005 22:23:55

w00t, my PVPs4Free approved!


19-04-2005 19:52:42



19-04-2005 22:48:25

must be nice...been waiting 4 days now for psps approval...i sent an email this afternoon, no response yet


20-04-2005 02:15:21

I have not seen a green on an OC site for over a week. I have all the refs I need for PVPs, PSPs, and DS... just waiting on some to green. It's getting extremely frustrating.


20-04-2005 09:07:48

Yeah, that happened to me. Once my account was taken off hold on a Saturday night. And I was approved for a site during the middle of the night.

Rube Waddell

25-04-2005 20:41:46

I just checked my cameras4free and it says "order placed." Does that mean it went through OK? And if so, how long does it usually take to get the camera from this point?


26-04-2005 10:52:17

mine still waiting for approval... since last thursday. how long did it take you guys to be approved?


26-04-2005 10:57:51

send them an email if you still don't have it by tomorrow, should speed them along.