What's the word on PSPs?

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18-04-2005 17:45:57

I saw a bunch of people complaining about how slow gratis is being on the PSP orders so I was thinking of doing OC. I was reading a couple of threads of people saying they would get the cash and buy the PSP at a retail. I was wondering why. Is there something that the PSP that OC ships that have something that the one's at retails don't? Just wondering. Thanks


18-04-2005 19:04:39

Well from what I heard Gratis is having problems and at this point I will get my money from OC and get my PSP long before Gratis even ships. I think just to be safe people are just taking the money and buying their psps retail. It ensures that they get a psp cause it seems that all retail stores have psps. Cause I went into three today and they all had psps.

This is what I'm gonna do since I got my 5 refs already. One question whats a good offer that gives instant cred. Also how long does it take for OC to send the money paypal?


18-04-2005 20:01:25

OC sends every friday and stamps, vid professor, croticet, and lifederma are pretty good.


19-04-2005 00:07:45

they told me a batch will go out later this week


19-04-2005 08:19:24

Is stamps.com instant. If not whats the average amount of time it takes to give cred.


19-04-2005 09:20:05

OfferCentric doesn't have any instant offers.


19-04-2005 09:23:58

Stamps.com = next day.