OC you are the best!

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18-04-2005 09:53:53

I just wanted to brag on OC for a second. I have now done freeipods.com and mp3players4free.com. OC is by far the best of the two companies. Their support is far better than Gratis. People actually review your email within a day and get back to you with real answers. OC I think I love you!



18-04-2005 10:36:16

I agree. OC at least responds to emails and attempts to get their items shipped out as fast as possible. Until gratis can prove me wrong and send my PSP, PS2, and iPod that I have been waiting on forever i will also stick with OC from now on


18-04-2005 10:37:01

300...lol i'm addicted now


18-04-2005 10:46:29

Same here.... a lot more customer friendly. Could be because they are smaller than Gratis, but still... it's nice to see such customer care for a company giving away free stuff.

Gratis seems to be in the mode of shipping only Shuffles these days, as they have been moving those out the door pretty quick lately. Would be nice to apply that to their other sites.


18-04-2005 12:04:11

yeah, it seems like offers go through so much quicker for them too