next psps4free shipping

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17-04-2005 15:23:15

I heard that the next batch of psps4free are shipping this wed. anyone know if thats true. Also...if i request approval...or whatever OC has tommrow...and get approved...would i be sent this next batch?


17-04-2005 18:45:40

WEDNESDAY. NO, you wouldn't be. I've been pending since last Wednesday, sent htem an e-mail since my DVRs4Free and PVPs4Free have been pending approval since last Monday, no result. I hope I make it into this batch.


17-04-2005 18:46:48

me too


17-04-2005 19:16:14

get the paypal and buy your own psp... faster that way.


17-04-2005 19:25:09

I know, but it's just easier than the withdrawl stuff.


17-04-2005 21:57:00

[quotea9dc34370d="PodTopia"]I know, but it's just easier than the withdrawl stuff.[/quotea9dc34370d]

I dont think its very hard to click the WITHDRAWL button. I'm going for the paypal on psps4free and as soon as I get one more ref to make up for the one that went red I'll get my money and then go out and get my psp probably faster than you all who are waiting for it to be shipped to you.

Thats just my opinion though, I think paypal is alot quicker and it makes more sense than waiting and wondering about stv and shipping dates. Some people have said that if they got the paypal they would end up spending it on something else or just saving the money so i guess its up to everyone to choose which way they wanna go when it comes to paypal. they both have advantages i suppose.


18-04-2005 09:06:54

LOL, Abrock, you're right, but a trip down to WalMart is not happening within the next week, so I can get it faster through the mail.