waiting on approval

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14-04-2005 11:56:03

i have been waiting for approval for psps4free for like a week i am getting the money I guess i should be happy herd people get on hold after waiting a day or 2 how long shold i wait till i email


14-04-2005 12:01:25

Ive been waiting for 5 or 6 days myself.
Im probably going to write an email after the 8th day or so.


14-04-2005 12:04:05

how fast dose it take to get the money dose it take just as long as getting the gift


14-04-2005 12:13:38

Money is 1-2 weeks faster then gifts


14-04-2005 13:23:14

Money comes Friday if you order by Wednesday, Wednesday if you order between Thursday and Friday the week before. I'm waiting on approval for DVRs4Free, PVPs4Free, adn PSPs4Free, and I know all are legit. I've been waiting 4 for the first 2 and 2 for PSPs4Free.


14-04-2005 13:44:19

wow, the wait time has greatly increased from when i did mp3players4free.... the approval time on that was like 20 minutes after the email saying i'm waiting to be approved


14-04-2005 13:45:44

pSeudo you prolle just got lucky 20min doesnt happen to often


14-04-2005 13:52:42

i remember it was right around the time you did mp3players4free too... how long did it take you on mp3players4free?


14-04-2005 13:57:32

I did my DS4Free and iPodShuffles4Free back in the day when verification only took an e-mail to OC.


14-04-2005 15:27:51

Guess they are getting busier these days....

No complaints so far about how they ship. For completing my first OC site, it wasn't too bad.


14-04-2005 15:41:22

i sent them an email and i got approved after 3days


14-04-2005 15:58:04

I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to double check. Then it'll have been 4 full days on PVPs and DVRs (second time through on PVPs) and it will have been 2 full days on PSPs. Hopefully, they'll fit me into the next STV for the iPod photo and PSP (Wednesday).


14-04-2005 16:04:43

[quote0171b1cfa8="PodTopia"]I did my DS4Free and iPodShuffles4Free back in the day when verification only took an e-mail to OC.[/quote0171b1cfa8]

i just tried that again... i got a reply in 2 hours with 2 emails.


Your account has been updated.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


Congratulations! Your PSPs4Free.com account passed our verification
process for your FREE gift!

If you selected a bonus gift, you will receive notification as soon as
you have been approved for it. Otherwise, you may now log into your account
and click the "Click here to continue!" link on the account status page.

Here you'll be able to check out with your gift. If you would like, you
can select a different gift via the "Select Gifts" page.
Please note that you cannot change your selected gifts after your order
has been placed!

Click here to login and check your status.

Best Regards,
Member Services


14-04-2005 16:11:33

Damn! Trying that now ).


14-04-2005 16:13:37

i think it all depends on how lazy of a tech support guy you get to answer your email =DD


14-04-2005 16:19:10

LOL, wanna paste the e-mail you sent in here?


14-04-2005 16:50:27

What time did you send your email pSeuDo? I'm waiting for approval too, and they said they are reviewing my account today.


14-04-2005 17:12:45

hmm, sent around 4 or 5 eastern time... so i guess the reply was under 2 hours

i just asked how long it usually takes on psps cause i remember mp3players4free taking less than an hour and about how much they must've grown and they must be busier


14-04-2005 20:36:15

so if i email them ill prolly be approved


14-04-2005 20:41:23

Yeah, you better hope no refs get DQed.


15-04-2005 12:54:43

I emailed them and got this


Your account is under further review to determine the validity of your
referrals. We use several measures to determine whether a referral is
valid, and whether your account has been affected by this. Your account
was rejected from our initial screening, and will be investigated in
depth. Please allow 2 business days to receive notification.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

I have done nothing wrong what is the peoblem?


15-04-2005 13:15:08

Chill, nothing's wrong. I have a right to be pissed. Waited 5 days the SECOND time for approval (waited 5 days the first too) only to find ANOTHER referral DQed. Another STV missed...


15-04-2005 13:17:51

O u had the same email i had 7 refs also


15-04-2005 14:23:20

aww, sorry to hear that, guys... well as for my paypal, i emailed them and asked when i should expect it... they said they'd send out tonight =D


16-04-2005 12:29:40

anyone know oc's shipping schedule? specifically for mp3players4free. i've been stv for 11 days. i suppose if gratis ships ipods about every 2 weeks then oc would ship them less frequently since they're not as popular.


16-04-2005 13:32:55

You're shipped Penguin.


16-04-2005 13:37:56

how do u know he was shipped can u help me


18-04-2005 16:04:23

yeah i don't get it either. my order was placed on 4/5. i feel like i've seen stv for forever. i'm not going to worry about it since it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet. i'm just being impatient.


18-04-2005 16:45:23

is anyone still waiting on approval on psps4free.com?