Blockbuster offer on Cameras4free?

Live forum:


13-04-2005 10:00:09

was there a blockbuster offer up within the past few days?

this girl im trading with said she did blockbuster but i dont see it up even under the removed offers


13-04-2005 12:27:34

It was up on all of my OC sites, but I don't have a cam4free account, so i couldn't tell ya about that.


13-04-2005 14:42:33

It's still showing up on mine as being available.


13-04-2005 14:44:38

It's up on mine too. First offer that's listed even.


13-04-2005 22:18:38

Yeah its on mine too. Its a great offer!


14-04-2005 18:12:07

weird it isnt showing up for me

oh well its taken my person a while for their blockbuster to complete