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11-04-2005 13:06:06

What is this suppose to mean?

I was under review and I emailed them asking how long it would take for approval. I got a response


We have reviewed your account, however 1 of your referrals is invalid.
Please refer 1 additional friend to complete an offer.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

I mean, honestly I completed MyDailyDose, never got credit, complained, no response so i did ANOTHER offer, corciet, got credit. and now i have to deal with this?!?!?!

should i complain or just get another ref???

has anybody else gone through this


Arthur Khachikyan

11-04-2005 13:12:16

one of your refs went bad. Just get another Green.


11-04-2005 14:12:42

yeh, really


11-04-2005 14:17:59

what site was this for, jackknife?


11-04-2005 14:26:58



11-04-2005 14:28:52

Dont bitch and complain this happens alot and they are doing you a favor by giving you free with it

Arthur Khachikyan

11-04-2005 15:34:01

What Stroid is trying to say is your not alone. Dont Spend so much time bitchin and get another green and get your psp. 8)


12-04-2005 10:13:51

yeah i had 6 greens and i found out today 2 got DQ'd for multiple signups. It sucks but i guess im just gonna have to go find 1 more...