notebooks4free - I'll trade greend or Send you PAYPAL

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10-04-2005 14:20:18

I need notebooks4free.

I can trade greens with you. Or I can send you Paypal. Software for PC (I have many)

If you do an offer and go green for me, I will do yours or send Paypal. And I will nominate you to the good traders list.


10-04-2005 14:51:49

Wrong forum, and you know better than this.


10-04-2005 14:55:04

hah, he only has a trade record of 12 and 80 posts


10-04-2005 15:18:18

[quote72fe85e915="flatline"]Wrong forum, and you know better than this.[/quote72fe85e915]

sorry. Anyways if you can do it, let me know