trouble with corticet....

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06-04-2005 17:02:32

Any one else getting this error when they try
to complete the [bb2cc42e041]Corticet[/bb2cc42e041] offer

[quoteb2cc42e041][bb2cc42e041]"There has been a database error, please try your submission again later[/colorb2cc42e041]"[/bb2cc42e041][/quoteb2cc42e041]

I tried to do it last night, and then again tonight.
No Go.....

Best. 8)


06-04-2005 18:24:07

try clearing your cache/temp int. files...use a diff. browser?


06-04-2005 20:00:30

tried that, got the same errors, could never complete it, even called customer service, still no luck. a huge black lady asnwered and she didn't know shit. oh well.


06-04-2005 21:21:36

I completed corticet last night and got credit today. No problems at all


06-04-2005 21:51:58

[quoteeb35969fff="oh5srt4"]try clearing your cache/temp int. files...use a diff. browser?[/quoteeb35969fff]

just did the whole process with the Firefox browser.
No trouble at all D

Ben 8)


07-04-2005 19:32:48

yeah i just had a ref for macminis4free complete it, no problems, should be fine now