Which Camera on Cameras4Free???

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06-04-2005 08:52:42

I'm all done and ready to place my order there. But which camera should I get? I'm looking between the Canon S1 IS, with the 10x optical zoom, and the Sony DSC W1.

However I'm not an expert on camera features. Which do you guys think is the best and why? My fiance and I will be using this camera as our primary camera, to photograph our upcoming honeymoon and just daily life. We want very good pictures, but they do not have to be "professional" quality. Help is much appreciated.


06-04-2005 09:30:23

I was in the same predicament last week...
I realllllly need a new digital camera (the one on my cell phone is garbage), so I was pretty excited to finish this site...

After some [bd59bcd4b6c]thorough[/bd59bcd4b6c] searching, I decided to take the cash.

"Why?", you ask?

Because each of those cameras can be purchased for under $300.

I still havent even made my order yet...I've been waiting on Miracle Burn to credit since 3/25 for the extra gift (more cash).

I'm bout ready to call it quits and just throw those two extra greens away.


06-04-2005 12:04:42

Smart move, wood... taking the cash.

My next digital camera will most likely be a Canon with a ComfactFlash slot on it. Most of the newer ones use SD, which I would use, but I have tons of other stuff that uses CompactFlash.

So liifli I would ever finish one the OC site, the cash is what I would go for so i could get the camera i wanted.


06-04-2005 19:03:21

Take the Cash or the Canon.


06-04-2005 20:04:12

Ok, update I picked the Canon because I did some research and I think I will like the features. And didn't want to go through the hassles of buying one myself.

So, now, what kind of a timeframe am I looking at from "Order Placed" (currently in), to Shipped? My honeymoon is in about 35 days....


06-04-2005 20:32:23

I got the A95 it was rated the best on CNET and i played with it at the Apple store but really all of the Cameras are good so i dont think you could really go wrong


07-04-2005 06:16:12

Yeah, I think we're going to be happy )

So, time guesses anyone?


07-04-2005 06:29:53

Well, given the recent words of Sofa Sets, it sounds like it could come within the next two weeks.


07-04-2005 07:25:17

Fabulous!!! -D


07-04-2005 11:19:54

i got my camera within a week of ordering it


08-04-2005 08:15:09

[quote33b7539287="Stroid"]i got my camera within a week of ordering it[/quote33b7539287]

Wow, that would be nice. Don't think it's going to happen to me though because I'm still Order Placed.


14-04-2005 12:28:33

I'm STV'd! No tracking number yet. Hopefully I should get it in the next couple of days, correct?


14-04-2005 12:57:18

i got mine within 3days of stv...but i only live one state away from the vendor


14-04-2005 13:30:25

Well, I'm in PA. The other two items took two days for me, but they were Gratis.


14-04-2005 13:32:03

[quote8657093c81="Godrockdj"]Well, I'm in PA. The other two items took two days for me, but they were Gratis.[/quote8657093c81]


Where in PA are you GodRockDJ?
I goto school in Phila but reside in Montgomery County


14-04-2005 13:42:06

Well they ship from TN thats were ecost is


15-04-2005 02:01:23

I love my Canon, but if you can't decide just take the money and do research and buy a cheaper camera and get some money out of it. ) I think some new Sony digital cameras have night vision now. That'd be cool. But yeah, I still love Canon.


15-04-2005 22:15:46

[quote4a071ec66b="wood"][quote4a071ec66b="Godrockdj"]Well, I'm in PA. The other two items took two days for me, but they were Gratis.[/quote4a071ec66b]


Where in PA are you GodRockDJ?
I goto school in Phila but reside in Montgomery County[/quote4a071ec66b]

shock I'm in Norristown! Just came back from a concert at the Tweeter Center...


15-04-2005 23:30:46

Good choice the S1-IS may not be the most megapixels but in reality megapixels dont mean much to the general public if your are not printing huge pictures or photoshopping. The 10x optical zoom is very good, the s1-is has very nice picture quality in comparsion with some other cameras. It is probably more superior to the others on that site, only less pixels