What ever happened to the Good Offers.....

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05-04-2005 21:47:40


Geez, what are the good sites left on [b9d75511f31]OfferCentric[/b9d75511f31] these days? There are literally no [b9d75511f31]"free trials"[/b9d75511f31] left and quite a few sites are
pushing the [b9d75511f31]$10-$20[/b9d75511f31] mark.

Even the [b9d75511f31]"pill sites"[/b9d75511f31] on OC have become scandalous. People aren't getting credit....blah, blah, blah

[b9d75511f31]Stamps.com[/b9d75511f31] and [b9d75511f31]Efax[/b9d75511f31] have changed policy, [b9d75511f31]Netflix[/b9d75511f31] is free but like the previous two mentioned, hits you on the tail end and make you pay a lot and wait weeks for your credit. The good offers are really slim.

[b9d75511f31]li[/b9d75511f31]Will someone list the sites on OC that are legit, relatively inexpensive, and deliver credit in a reasonable amount of time [b9d75511f31](1-5 days)[/b9d75511f31]. I'm about to start a new campaign to get some friends & family as referrals, but I can no longer entice them to sign up for a "free offer" so it is putting a crimp in my plans.

Give me some advice on the offers please!! (include [b9d75511f31]Gratis[/b9d75511f31] for that matter too)

Best. 8)


06-04-2005 00:46:29

Since GreatFun and Travelers Advantage are gone the only sites I've got credit for are Appera and PetCareRX. Both were very fast.

I just had someone green on DVRs4Free for me doing UltraSlim patch, only took 1 day.

So that makes my list of verified quick sites


I'd like to hear about some others as I want to complete my DS4free and need to tell people what to do to get it.


06-04-2005 05:27:48

Stamps.com changed their policy? (Also, eFax got completely removed from OC -- at least for now.) Afraid there's not many "cheap" ones lately, but that's true for Gratis too which only has (from what I see) StarClub and the occasional Buyer's Advantage. Well, except the credit cards, anyway.

If you're going to entice them, I'd say might as well have them try to an offer they're going to want to do an offer they might want anyway, like the Blockbuster deal. Only $10 for the first month of their free mail service is nice, particularly if there's any movie watchers. PetCareRX -- while not inexpensive -- is good too if any of them are pet people, and it credits next day.

And of course, don't let them be lured in by the "free" in AccessMedia. That's one of those weird instances where you have to pay to get stuff free.


06-04-2005 08:03:51

[quote713824d26c="CronoDekar"]And of course, don't let them be lured in by the "free" in AccessMedia. That's one of those weird instances where you have to pay to get stuff free.[/quote713824d26c]
Yeah, i read the T&C on that offer. On the offers page, it doesn't say "free trial", so that was a red flag. Then to find out the cost to join. Almost as bad as those Opitimum credit cards... where they ding your checking account $190. Sheesh! What kind of deal is that?


06-04-2005 08:05:02

Good to know that PetChews credits quick. I'm going to have to try that one. And I have 4 cats, too. So we'll see if my ancient felines like another form of cat treats.


06-04-2005 08:20:15

I must have missed how stamps.com and efax have changed their policies... what's different?

All I know is my last 2 referrals for my free ipod were using those 2 sites and have been signed up for over 3 weeks and I haven't gotten credit yet, frustrating. I'm 100% sure both are legit too as they are from 2 good friends of mine. OC keeps telling them to wait.


06-04-2005 09:01:26

stamps.com now has a statement on their homepage that if you were directed here from a site giving free gifts, you will need to stay on past the 4 week free trial in order to receive credit. Not sure what efax says.