Disqualified on DVRs4free.com HELP ME OUT!!!

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05-04-2005 16:05:34

Ok, I got all my referrals, they are 100% legit.

ACCIDENTLY I signed up TWICE on psps4free.com and only did an offer on one of them. Then about a week later I signed up on dvrs4free.com and did an offer and got my referrals, all of which were legit and non-fraudulent (sp?). So then I placed my order, waited a day and I heard I missed the PayPal payment, I e-mail them and they say I will get my $275 Wednesday, April 6, 2005. So today I look and it says I have been disqualified because I have multiple accounts, however I do not have multiple accounts on dvrs4free.com, only psps4free.com which were put on hold a few days ago, however I was fine with that because I knew it was my fault for accidently making two accounts. So now today I see that my order for $275 was cancelled and I can not order again and I was DQed. Is there ANYTHING I can do to fight this so that I can get my $275? I know that there is the rule of "two accounts on ANY OC site and all accounts will be DQed"...but honestly I am getting 100% screwed over here. That is 8 offers that they don't have to pay anything for and get all the cash in their pocket. I'm getting scammed by them.



05-04-2005 16:31:11

you should've told them u made 2 accounts by accident when u made it


05-04-2005 17:29:10

I think you can no longer do any offercentric sites now.


05-04-2005 17:32:34

Here is my letter to them...

[quote6e26758f84]Dear Offer Centric,

I was disqualified from DVRs4free.com after receving account approval because I had signed up on PSPs4free.com twice by accident, I signed up once and didn't remember my log-in and I had never completed an offer so I didn't care so I just signed up again and then a few days / weeks later I noticed that my account had been put on hold because of "multiple accounts". However, I did not mind this because I knew I had broken the rules. However, I looked today to see what my status was on receiving my $275 PayPal, and I saw that I had been disqualifed because of multiple accounts. I really would like to work this out with Offer Centric and would appreciate it if you e-mailed me back once you obtain this e-mail. I feel that I did not try to fraud Offer Centric and would never do such a thing and I also would like to continue doing business with Offer Centric, but if I were to make an account on another Offer Centric site, even if I was 100% legitimite, I would be put on hold because of my passed accidents that took part on one of your free gift sites.

Please e-mail me back when you have time.

Thank you very much,

John Hartford [/quote6e26758f84]


05-04-2005 21:39:16

Does gratis have the same policy?


06-04-2005 07:45:30

To the top. D


06-04-2005 09:55:56

That sounds like a decent email to OC, hope you get a decent reply though. Im kinda ticked right now cause 2 of mine got disqualified so i need to get 1 more person evil


06-04-2005 15:11:59

bwahahahaha. I got my $275. D Yay! Go me and my writing skilllzzzzzzz 8)


06-04-2005 15:12:48

Congrats and it's good to hear that OC listens to their customers.


06-04-2005 16:59:52

ya from now on i'm dealing with OC rather than Gratis they seem to be a better company.