The Big Payout

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05-04-2005 14:46:43

How much does it cost actually?

There's a subscription. How much is that?

And, how much is to play a game? The website is very sketchy about telling the actual prices.


05-04-2005 15:03:13

It says "Signup for 10 games or more.", which I imagine refers to 10 tickets. That costs $17.95. Fortunately I did it when you could just do 2 and get credit D


05-04-2005 15:54:41

You only need to buy 2 tickets and its a 15 day subcription.


06-04-2005 13:56:33

[quote649813c75b="xyclonez"]You only need to buy 2 tickets and its a 15 day subcription.[/quote649813c75b]

I couldn't figure out what games, numbers, tickets etc are all about. And, on top there is the subscription.

I've never played those kind of lottery games before so that's probably why.


06-04-2005 15:35:36

It's like the lottery, except they compare your numbers vs. the randomly generated ones daily. Matching all 6 on any one ticket gets you $2 million, matching 5 gives you $500, and 4 gives you $10.

And I'm still not sure what "games" is all about.