OC/no video professor?

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04-04-2005 22:31:48

Hey guys, quick question. I found a guy on the a4f forums this evening to do my last dvrs ref. We agreed on $25 paypal and that he would do video professor as I'm tryin to get this verified by friday(not looking bloody likely now...). Anyways, he signs up, then tells me video professor isn't on the site? I think its BS, I was lookin right at the damn site! Anyone else confirm that I'm not crazy and that it's still there? This guy has got to be blind!!!


04-04-2005 22:48:08

It's on mine, but they might switch the offers out.


04-04-2005 22:56:23

Yea I think he is right...from my experience (unless half a dozen people have lied to me) sometimes not everyone gets the exact same offers...so he might be telling the truth...


04-04-2005 23:11:10

It's showing up for me right now on pvps4free.


05-04-2005 07:42:07

It is the truth, we don't all get the same offers. They rotate.
There should still be an offer with instant credit, or fast credit though.


05-04-2005 13:46:11

OfferCentric doesn't rotate...they keep the same offers and tell you if one is removed...


05-04-2005 14:37:07

I believe that it depends what offers people do when they sign up under you. Because i know that once a few people did an offer, they take took that offer away for the rest of my referrals, probably because they dont want everyone doing the same offers.