if you get DQ'd because of "fraudelent" referrals

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04-04-2005 09:57:27

Do they put those accounts on hold? Because they said I own more then one of my referrals accounts.

Also, do they tell you which accounts are fraudulent? because none of my referrals accounts are on hold!


04-04-2005 10:03:14

just stop cheating already


04-04-2005 10:04:52

I DIDNT CHEAT DAMNIT! why does everyone think that!?!?
So wont anyone answer the dang question, and stop saying im cheating


04-04-2005 13:25:29

nope, just you


04-04-2005 15:34:16

Why? so they get 5 people and they can put them on hold? What a bastardly thing to do! These guys are asses, they don't even tell me which account is fraudelent


05-04-2005 07:44:48

Of course they won't. If they assume you're cheating, why would they tell you how to still get the free stuff?


05-04-2005 09:45:36

when your dq'd referral goes in for approval they'll dq them.
they aren't dqing them now, because they assume it's you and of course you already know that you're dq'd.

why do they think that you are one of your referrals?
I've finished 3 OC sites with not one person dq'd, except for 1 person after I received my gift (they created multiple accounts), they would have to have a reason to think you're cheating


05-04-2005 10:30:11

[quotef68c77695b="Petard"]Also, do they tell you which accounts are fraudulent? [bf68c77695b]because none of my referrals accounts are on hold![/bf68c77695b][/quotef68c77695b]
This is the key right there in bold... none of your refs are DQ'd because they didn't do anything against the T&C.

As others have said, it's coming back to you because they have some sort of proof that you created multiple accounts.


05-04-2005 16:29:45

i got more than one account for pvp's4free, but by accident, my brother was visiting, and i yold him about it, and he signed up using my comp, but he doesnt visit, anymore, he says its too hard,

so i might get DQ-ed, if i ever get 10 refs lol,


05-04-2005 21:37:13

wow these people are very anal about this stuff. I dont have extra accounts, but they dq you for an inactive account? thats just dumb. I read in another post that they dq you if anyone uses the same password, thats just dumb because i was at their house (they couldn't know if I was there... thats impossible because I didn't log into my account) and just told them to use the same thing because two guys already clicked "I have completed this offer" before they ever did (so they couldn't do it anymore) and I think that is why I am screwed. These guys already get enough, but they just feel the need to rip anyone with a tiny little problem off! I needed that money (


06-04-2005 04:15:56

If you [b35c2b67b5c]needed[/b35c2b67b5c] that money, then get a job. You're not going to get any money sitting here pissing and moaning.


28-06-2005 22:38:03

hah! i told you they did it for no reason! i was just one of the first to be scammed, now everyone is being scammed!


29-06-2005 05:28:25

check the thread in my sig.
you are NOT the first and only to be scammed.
OC is just shit, is all.
no one should do their sites period.


29-06-2005 16:42:32

back in April they weren't scamming. They just started recently