Missed the paypal payment?

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02-04-2005 12:04:34

Well, I was approved and ordered the $150 paypal payment on Thursday night. I didn't get the paypal payment on Friday, so I'm wondering did I just miss the payment deadline and will get it next week? I'm hoping that I didn't put in the wrong paypal email with all of my excitement of getting approved. Right now, my status still says STV, it would of said shipped if they had tried to send the money correct?

I don't mind getting it next week, I'm just paranoid that I put my paypal email in wrong or something.


02-04-2005 16:48:04

I was supposed to get my $275 PayPal from DVRs4free.com last night as well, I never received it either. I'm assuming they just didn't send out payment.


02-04-2005 19:03:04

I received payment on April 1st(yesterday) $1000 from notebooks4free. My status was still on placed order when I received it, then it changed to stv. I emailed them on Friday morning about it, they replied back and said I would receive it later on Friday. They didnt lie cuz I received payment.


03-04-2005 08:34:31

Is there any way for them to pay you early? I REALLY need this $$$!


03-04-2005 12:36:49

[quoteb2e0435e22="skatr6689"]Is there any way for them to pay you early? I REALLY need this $$$![/quoteb2e0435e22]
Nope, they only give out paypal on Fridays...


03-04-2005 16:35:41

For allo of you that are worried, I had the same problem. I ordered on Notebooks on Wednesday and went STV for PayPal $1000 on Friday. I never got it, and OC told me that they'd ship it earlier next week. Sure, it's change, but we should get our money Monday or Tuesday (that's usually what "early next week" means).


03-04-2005 18:22:41

Hopefully I'll get mine on Monday, Tuesday, etc. and not late ............... like Friday.


04-04-2005 08:42:42

okay, thanks guys. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't give them the wrong paypal address.
Good think i'm not in desperate need for the money right now.


04-04-2005 08:48:43

I missed it as well...although it was because the declined a ref! lol lol


04-04-2005 09:23:03

here we go

Yes your payment will be made Wednesday.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quote882b52c321]
I still want to know if I gave the correct paypal address though lol


04-04-2005 09:30:27

[quoteb7a9d086f9="Retro"]I still want to know if I gave the correct paypal address though lol[/quoteb7a9d086f9]

You can add any email address to your paypal account.


04-04-2005 09:34:27

no, i'm scared that I forgot the to add the last letter to my address, like if it's abc@, i put ab@
I'm just paranoid, I sent them a reply to see if they could tell me.


04-04-2005 15:42:52

LOL, I was worried that's what happened too. Glad you gave me a date though. I placed my order on Thursday, so I guess that's why. I'm going through approval on PVPs4Free, so maybe this can be a $1450 week. It'll all be gone soon though. Buying tons of iPods and accessories to give away!


04-04-2005 22:05:38

i got the same e-mail saying wednesday. )


06-04-2005 12:09:34

Got my $1000. Check yo' mail!


06-04-2005 12:11:10

yep, got mine $150 this morning. Podtopia, you make mine seem so little lol


06-04-2005 12:28:56

Congrats PodTopia and Retro.


06-04-2005 14:09:05

Thanks ChillyWilly ). Retro, you still got something ).