No more StarClub Rewards or eFax :(

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31-03-2005 05:34:35

Just checked this morning and noticed that OC took down the StarClub offer. Glad my last trader went green when he did, 'cause I only signed up for it yesterday morning and got credit that afternoon. Still sucks though since it was really a nice offer anyway and handy for fast credit.


31-03-2005 06:21:58

Yeah, I saw that last night. Bummer it's gone. All of the easy [i6152dd6b6c]and[/i6152dd6b6c] useful offers are now gone.


31-03-2005 07:23:15

yeah that put that up sometimes...i was lucky i did it yesterday afternoon and at night it was gone...i also got a friend that did it for me before it was gone. you gotta catch some offers quick

Mr Sofa Sets

31-03-2005 07:57:48

Damn, I missed it agian. (


31-03-2005 16:02:07

And [i3630a302d7]now[/i3630a302d7] no more eFax (same on Coobro, but that's no surprise)! Looks like Gratis still has the offer, but I gotta wonder how much longer it'll stay up.


31-03-2005 16:04:47

the offers will come back..give them a little time


31-03-2005 16:23:14

[quoteb8f00c0cc8="Stroid"]the offers will come back..give them a little time[/quoteb8f00c0cc8]

No they're not! It's the end of the world I say! The end of the world! THE APOCOLYPSE IS NIGH!

D Nah, I'm actually not particularly worried -- just passing on the info for anyone who intends to sign up or wants to get someone to sign up on an OC site.


31-03-2005 17:24:02

OR eFax???? Crap, that's the only fast crediting good one I haven't done. I did MyDailyDose three weeks ago and TrimLife this week, no credit.


31-03-2005 18:07:42

bit off-topic but..

from efax live chat
Sandra Snell I will be right with you.
Sandra Snell I apologize for the inconvinience, all our tools are down at the moment.
Sandra Snell This problem will be rectified at the earliest. May I suggest that you try contacting us after a few moments.
Me Approximately how long will the wait be for your tools to be back online?
Sandra Snell You can contact us back within couple of hours.

since when is a "couple of hours" equal to "a few moments"


31-03-2005 18:17:53

hmm, i hope it comes back up... thats the one my cousin said he'd do for me since its the only 100% free one

The Senator

31-03-2005 21:33:59

two questions

1. How long before it MAY come back?

2. What is the cheapest near instant offer?


31-03-2005 21:47:50

Just talked to tyler of Coobros.

Said efax requested it to be pulled.
Will be back eventually