New site for the New Year!! **Yesitsfree4you**

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21-12-2008 12:27:34

lili New site for 2009!!lili
Announcing a new site for a new year! Yesitsfree4you


li One referral cash-outs

li Unique prizes

li Quick support, we have one day support rep and one night support rep

li Green forever- once you recieve your credit, you will always be green

li Many great new offers - which will be updated weekly

li New sites to be added in Spring 2009

li payments sent on Tuesdays and Saturdays, in the future, payments will be made more often

My goal is for Yesitsfree4you to be one of your favorite sites you have in your portfolio, I know you have many choices, and I will do what it takes to keep your business! I'm looking forward to building long term relationships that will be mutually beneficial. I have been a trader for almost 2 years, I know you want a great site with [bad90ac90fb]quick support, fair treatment and fast payouts.[/bad90ac90fb] I will strive to provide the best service I can, and will be open to all suggestions given!


To help you celebrate the grand opening of Yesitsfree4you - I am offering free greens to the first 60 people who sign up "unreferred" and submit a support ticket. [/colorad90ac90fb] Simply submit a support ticket, let me know you have signed up and would like the free green, and your account will be credited that day!

In addition to the free greens, I am also giving bonuses to 4 lucky people who sign up unreferred!!


The way it works is this
the 15th person to sign up unreferred - $20 paypal[/colorad90ac90fb]
the 30th person to sign up unreferred - $35 paypal[/colorad90ac90fb]
the 45th person to sign up unreferred- $50 paypal[/colorad90ac90fb]
and the 60th person to sign up unreferred - $65 paypal[/colorad90ac90fb]

So, in addition to the free green, you'll also have the chance to win some extra Christmas cash! So, hurry, sign up and tell your friends and fellow traders!!
In January there will be a referral contest, so stay tuned to this thread for more information in the next week or so. Thank you to FIPG for the opportunity to post this thread!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and profitable 2009!!

sandra habina

21-12-2008 13:10:32


I like the unique gifts too. Count me in!!!!


22-12-2008 09:43:27

Signed up. ID #16 )

I sent in support ticket as well.



22-12-2008 18:46:37

Thank you Sandy and babetran!! You've been credited.

Hope you enjoy the site! )



26-12-2008 19:18:46

Thank you to all new users who have signed up with Yesitsfree4you! We are still giving free greens and have reached over 15 unreferred users, so you still have a very good chance to win the higher bonuses which will go to the 30th, 45th, and the 60th unreferred user. To recap

30th wins $35
45th wins $50
60th wins $65[/size546fb9af37]

To get your free green, simply sign up unreferred to http// and send a support ticket asking for your free green. We will credit your account that day.

To celebrate the new year and our new site we are excited to announce our first ever promotion for!

To qualify for this contest you will need to have at least 4 referrals go green and stay green in between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31. The person with the most referrals in the month of Jan. will be the first place winner, the second most referrals will win second place, and the third most referrals will get the third place prize.

1st place - will receive $50 Paypal

2nd place - will receive $35 Paypal

3rd place - will receive $20 Paypal
In case of a tie, we will assign each person a number and have a drawing for the winner.

These bonuses will be paid to the winners Paypal accounts on Tues. Feb. 3, 2009.

[i546fb9af37]Good luck and have a very happy and prosperous New Year!![/i546fb9af37]


14-02-2009 18:12:11

Thank you to everyone who has signed up at yesitsfree4you!! We still haven't reached the 30th unreferred user, so go ahead and sign up today and send a support ticket for your free green, who knows - you just may end up being the 30th or the 45th user!! If you are, the money will be credited to your paypal within a day of signing up.

I've deleted the offers that I know of that have expired and I'm adding new offers every week. Please let me know if your referrals find any offers that are expired, so I can delete them!

Happy Valentine's day everyone and do something often to show your loved ones you care about and appreciate them!!




09-05-2009 18:35:05

Congratulations to user #102 who is the 30th person to sign up unreferred and received the $35 payment!!

In a few days I am going to be posting a new promo that will run from May 15- June 15. The free greens promo is still ongoing!
I have just signed up with a great affiliate network and have added many, many new offers, with more to come soon!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, I look forward to a long and lasting partnership with you all!