January Promos!!!

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06-01-2010 20:46:25

http//i159.photobucket.com/albums/t123/lmyboys/HappyNewYearDancinCat.gif[" alt=""/imgb88600080f]

[color=indigob88600080f][size=18b88600080f][bb88600080f]I am offering 3 promos this month!!!

1st one- To start off the New Year I am offering free greens on all of my sites. Just go to www.referralriot.com and sign up at 1 or all of them, just send in 1 ticket if you sign up for multiple accounts. You must sign up unreferred for the free greens too.

2nd one- I am also going to be offering 10 points to anyone that signs up on my points site unreferred. This is a DIY site.

3rd one- Use any of my sites as a DIY site. If you sign up and do offers send in a ticket to let me know and you will get paid full referral value.

These promos are good until Jan. 31st

Good luck and I look forward to the New Year!!![/bb88600080f][/sizeb88600080f][/colorb88600080f]