December Promos!!!

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06-12-2009 18:10:57

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For the month of December I will be doing a referral race. The race will be from Dec. 1st through Dec. 31st. You will get points when you cash out. I will be listing this promo on all the forums I am on and updating the results on them and my blog too. The prizes are as follows

1st Place- $50
2nd Place- $30
3rd Place- $20

This is a breakdown of how the points will work

Easy- .5
Referralriot and Spiritualgifts- 1
Gifts- 1.25
Games- 1.5
80- 2
Laptops- 3

Please let me know that you want to be in the ref race.

Also I will be offering a DIY special. Just sign up on any of my sites(unreferred) and do the offers yourself. Once you are green send me a ticket and you will get paid for it.

Good luck everyone



17-12-2009 04:35:59

Still have time to get in on this promo )