!!!12 Days of Christmas Raffle Drawing and FREE Greens!!!

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10-12-2008 20:56:28

[b4f3ee79fbb]First off I want to thank all of my users for their wonderful support. To date I have shipped out over $12,000 in prizes. Thank you very much!!!

http//i159.photobucket.com/albums/t123/lmyboys/KittyChristmas-1.gif[" alt=""/img4f3ee79fbb]

Now for the PROMOS!!! To start off I am offering Free Greens on all of my sites until Jan 2nd to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and to roll in the new year!!!

Now for the FUN Promo!!! 12 Days of Christmas raffle drawing. I will be doing a drawing everyday for $25 from Dec. 13th until Dec. 24th. In order to participate you must have at least 1 referral that has greened since December 1st and post payment proof in here. Once you win you will not get another entry until you get another referral to go green. Also for every additional referral that greens after that 1 you will get another entry so you can have multiple entries. Good luck everyone!!!

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