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09-10-2009 17:18:19

Thats right we are back with your favorite and most asked for Promo this month. DIY (DO IT YOURSELF)!!!

Join in on any of our 8 sites and complete your own offers and cash out huge for doing so. Just send in a ticket when you are ready letting us know you want to cash out for the DIY and you will be paid from there!

You may do this on all of our sites as many times as you wish. Enjoy! )

Click On Our Banner Below, Choose Any Site And Get Paid!

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Always feel free to contact us with ANY questions or concerns.
Tom on AIM @ Customfreebiez or Nikki on AIM @ Ilovecandles7,
submit a support ticket or
email= us for either site at [email][ us for either site at [email][/email] or [email=][][/email]