August promos are here!

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02-08-2009 17:03:49

August is here so we are pulling out all the stops to bring you a great promotion for our CustomFreebiez and LightningFreebiez sites.

First off we will be offering DIY (Do It Yourself) cash outs on any site. So if you are having trouble finding referrals or just want to take all the loot for yourself, then this is definitely for you! We ran this promo in June and it went over BIG with you guys, and all we hear is you want it again. Well here it is! We have a HUGE selection of offers (OVER 200 and climbing!) with a bunch of new ones that you probably won't see around for a while.
liMust start off with 0 credits for this oneli

Secondly, we will be giving out $50 cash outs for anyone who brings in a referral to complete their offer requirements. Thats right, a $10 bonus.(This one also came highly requested.)
liReferrals must start off with 0 creditsli

Last but not least, we will be randomly drawing users (who have cashed out during the weeks of August) for a surprise BONUS! These bonuses we will be issuing every Sunday for the entire month of August!

As always, we offer one referral cash outs and instant payments, as well as over 200 offers to choose from!. Any questions feel free to direct them here, or contact us via AIM Tom@Customfreebiez or Nicole@Ilovecandles7 Happy Summer guys!