September and October Original Sites FREE GREENS

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04-09-2008 15:16:28

[ba3285575f3]Original Sites - FREE GREENS - Sign up and get your offer completion waived in August[/ba3285575f3]
[ba3285575f3]Original Sites - FREE GREENS [/ba3285575f3][/colora3285575f3][/sizea3285575f3]

We are giving away FREE GREENS to Any and Everyone during the month of September and October on all 12 of our original sites

Come on down to asafreebie and sign up to any of the 12 sites unreferred. Put in a ticket requesting your Free Green and Your Offer requirements will be waived 100% FREE. Also please post your ref numbers in this thread


07-09-2008 21:33:17

Can I sign up to all of the "original 12 sites" and get greens? I've hit a spot where I can't do too many offers but need some sites.


22-09-2008 14:44:37

yes you can