Weekly Offer Completion Revenue Contest

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05-08-2008 15:53:45

[u60a47c658e][b60a47c658e]Weekly Offer Completion Revenue Contest [/size60a47c658e][/color60a47c658e][/b60a47c658e][/u60a47c658e]

Every week in the month of july there will be an offer in the 1st spot on the first page of the offers page. This offer will be an Easy No Cost offer that will give no credit to the site. Everyone that completes the offer will be put in a drawing and at the end of the week all revenue generated from the offer will be given away to the winner.

Here are the rules

  1. [li60a47c658e]You may not do the offer if you have done it before
    [li60a47c658e]You can only do the offer once and get entered once
    [li60a47c658e]You must give true and accurate information to the offer
    [li60a47c658e]Complete and WIN