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30-06-2008 23:51:14

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[size=15ceda044e28]As A Freebie Network [/sizeceda044e28]([url==http//]As A Freebie Network LLC[=http//]As A Freebie Network LLC[/url]) Has 21 Sites with Great Payouts and 200+ offers with
over half being NO CC and 100% FREE. close to 80% of our offers are Also Instant Credit.

[bceda044e28][uceda044e28][color=Redceda044e28][iceda044e28][size=18ceda044e28]We Have Updated all the payouts on our Sites to as Follows[/sizeceda044e28][/iceda044e28][/colorceda044e28][/uceda044e28][/bceda044e28]

1 Credit Sites - $50 per Referral
2 Credit Sites - $100 per Referral
3 Credit Sites - $150 per Referral

Excludes One Offer and Easy... Sites

[color=#FF0000ceda044e28][size=15ceda044e28][bceda044e28]Here are Our Promotions for the month of JULY[/bceda044e28][/sizeceda044e28][/colorceda044e28]

[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]July Referral Race - It's Everyone's Birthday in July at As A Freebie, Get and Unlimited Dollar
Amount Bonus (Excludes One Offer and Easy... Sites)[/bceda044e28]
It's my birthday month and this year I feel like doing the giving for my birthday

July's It's my birthday and I'll give if I want to referral race

1st Place - $10 Per Point Bonus
2nd Place - $5 Per Point Bonus
3rd Place - $3 Per Point Bonus
EVERYONE Else Will Receive $2 Per Point Bonus

There are no requirements on how many points you need in order to win. It's everyone's
Birthday in July at As A Freebie

Points are as follows

Cash - 1 Point
MoreCash - 1.5 Points
NoPlastic - 1 Point
Game - 1 Point
Ipod - 1 Point
Wii - 1 Point
Xbox360 - 1 Point
PS3 - 1 Point
CarAudio - 2 Points
Appliance - 2 Points
Digital71 - 2 Points
Laptop - 3 Points
Desktop - 3 Points
1080p - 3 Points

[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]Weekly Offer Completion Revenue Contest - ALL Revenue Generated from The offer for the
Week will be given away in a drawing[/bceda044e28]
Every week in the month of july there will be an offer in the 1st spot on the first page of the offers page.
This offer will be an Easy No Cost offer that will give no credit to the site. Everyone that completes the offer
will be put in a drawing and at the end of the week all revenue generated from the offer will be given away
to the winner.

Here are the rules

You may not do the offer if you have done it before
You can only do the offer once and get entered once
You must give true and accurate information to the offer
Complete and WIN

[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]Another Birthday Gift - FREE GREENS - Sign up and get your offer completion waived in JULY[/bceda044e28]
Since it is my birthday month I have decided to give away FREE GREENS to Any and Everyone during the month of July.

Come on down to asafreebie and sign up to any of our 12 sites. Put in a ticket requesting your Free Green and Your account will be notated for a Free Green. As soon as your first referral Greens. Send us in a second ticket and your Offer requirements will be waived 100% FREE. You can then proceed to place your order and cashout on your first greened referral at As A Freebie.

[bceda044e28][uceda044e28][size=14ceda044e28][color=SeaGreenceda044e28]Here is what you can expect from As A Freebie[/colorceda044e28][/sizeceda044e28][/uceda044e28][/bceda044e28]

[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]We pride ourselves on having the best support and offer crediting in the industry[/bceda044e28]
We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and usually respond to your tickets within 30 minutes
[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]We are a Repeatable / Forever GREEN Network[/bceda044e28]
You can order and unlimited amount of times and never have to do an offer again
[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]We have 1 Referral Cashout's and Instant Payments[/bceda044e28]
Bring in the referral and cashout on them immediately after they complete
[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]We have some of the best offer credit amounts in the industry[/bceda044e28]
We are constantly working with our affiliate networks to increase the rates and make the sites even easier
to complete
[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]We have over 200 Offers with new ones being added daily[/bceda044e28]
Most are 1/3 credit or higher (Excluding NO CC)
[liceda044e28][bceda044e28]New and Unique Site Design[/bceda044e28]
We have completely redone our site design to make it Better to look at )

I am Online [bceda044e28][color=Limeceda044e28]NOW [/colorceda044e28][/bceda044e28]PM me or AIM - asafreebie or MSN -

[bceda044e28]Don't Have an account?[/bceda044e28]
[liceda044e28]thats ok just sign up and complete a few of our 200+ offers and be ready to go.

[bceda044e28]Not wanting to complete any offers but still want to get in on the promotion?[/bceda044e28]
[liceda044e28]We are offering FREE Greens this month at As A Freebie - SEE Above

Here are the sites

[url==http//] - 1 Credit $30[=http//] - 1 Credit $30[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $40[=http//] - 1 Credit $40[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $40[=http//] - 1 Credit $40[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $40[=http//] - 1 Credit $40[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $40[=http//] - 1 Credit $40[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $40[=http//] - 1 Credit $40[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50[=http//] - 1 Credit $50[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50[=http//] - 1 Credit $50[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $75[=http//] - 1 Credit $75[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50[=http//] - 1 Credit $50[/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50 [=http//] - 1 Credit $50 [/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50 [=http//] - 1 Credit $50 [/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50 [=http//] - 1 Credit $50 [/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50 [=http//] - 1 Credit $50 [/url]
[url==http//] - 1 Credit $50 [=http//] - 1 Credit $50 [/url]
[url==http//] - 2 Credits $100 [=http//] - 2 Credits $100 [/url]
[url==http//] - 2 Credits $100 [=http//] - 2 Credits $100 [/url]
[url==http//] - 2 Credits $100 [=http//] - 2 Credits $100 [/url]
[url==http//] - 3 Credits $150 [=http//] - 3 Credits $150 [/url]
[url==http//] - 3 Credits $150 [=http//] - 3 Credits $150 [/url]
[url==http//] - 3 Credits $150[=http//] - 3 Credits $150[/url]