Scuba Diving

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25-09-2008 02:24:32


Im new to the forum, just trying to post about a bit D

I scuba dive D

Im an advanced diver, I have dived in Egypt 3 times, Malta twice and lots in the UK channel.

I started learning 3 years ago.

Found this site which probably fits in with this one as its a freebie site lol. They are giving away a free scuba diving lesson to anyone in the East Sussex (UK) area http//

Anyone else here dive?


25-09-2008 05:52:02

A good friend and co-worker is a long-time PADI instructor who also teaches and certifies the area sheriff's dept and SWAT team divers. For years and years I've heard the diving stories and seen the pictures of his exploits. He's been nagging me & the wife forever to get certified, he'll loan us the equipment to get started and do all the classes for free, but we just haven't had the time & opportunity. The wife just now warmed up to the idea -- for years she was deathly afraid of deep water -- so maybe we'll do it soon.


04-12-2008 11:07:31

Sorry, I completely forgot that I had posted here before lol. Thanks a lot for your reply, I actually went to the lesson and thought it was pretty cool so now Im doing the open water course, I really enjoy it and am so glad that I started. Thanks anyway for your reply )