DRM/Licensing issues with my 360.

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05-12-2008 16:07:27

Alright, so I just received my Xbox 360 back from repair ... and they sent me a notice on how I have to get all of my downloaded content relicensed. They said they transferred the licenses already ... but that I have to download each thing over again? That's the most bullshit thing I've ever heard! I have 169 items to redownload now? That's absurd. And considering there's a SIX file download limit ... I'll be there forever. There's no way around this, is there?

However, I heard that I can use the online relicensing tool (which is only available once a year?) ... I did read this somewhere
[quote4c0c4e3de7]When prompted to sign into live, log off Xbox Live and back on using your 360. Then the tool does the rest. See its poorly documented, and other FAQ on the Xbox website do indicate that you need to redownload everything, but trust me this worked perfectly.[/quote4c0c4e3de7]


05-12-2008 17:26:06

ask your neighbor, lol.


05-12-2008 18:25:31

Nevermind. It was really retarded. They said all my licenses were transferred...so I redownloaded all the licenses one by one from the 360 ... and then it didn't work.

So I had to do the online license transfer from their website ... which can only be done once a year ... and then I redownloaded the licenses and it worked.

Pain in the ass if you ask me.