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10-11-2008 02:31:26

i was playing the demo today off my buddy's steam account and man i am quite impressed. I love the sheer hilarity of such random moments of zombies flying into your face. It can get chaotic and times, and although i really thought there would be more teamwork involved, it's just such a party game where all hell breaks loose and in the end, who cares lol.

only downside i see is the steep price tag (49.99 normal price USD) roll


10-11-2008 06:31:20

Can not wait for this....


14-11-2008 16:02:16

I downloaded the demo and I am amazed. The only problem I have is that you can only use your pistols when you are stuck on the ground waiting for help up.


14-11-2008 17:16:09

I played the demo ... I found it very repetitive. I wanted to get this game for the 360 when it was released...but I don't think I want it anymore.


18-11-2008 21:32:15

repetitive? The whole game was designed with the mentality that they'd work their best to NOT make it repetitive, unless you find every zombie game like that.,,


19-11-2008 08:44:53

Well...at least the demo was, lol.