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04-11-2008 05:23:20

Anyone have it, how do you like it? I got the whole band kit. There seems to be a problem with my guitars touch strip. When it is on, it randomly misses notes as if someone was hitting the strum bar. Like when notes aren't even there yet, you will hear beep, beep etc. AS for the rest of the game, it is one of the best games Ive gotten in a while, not sure if GEARS OF WAR 2 will be better(although many people say it will be) I am getting that as well... I have already beaten the game on expert guitar, next is drums(I can only play on medium/hard decently)

If anyone has any questions about the game, I can fill you in on answers, just ask.


04-11-2008 06:31:09

Rock Band 2 is only good when you have 2 or 3 drunk friends to play with and a singer with energy. We have three people that will sing in our house and they all can play guitar and I'm on drums and it really is the most fun thing ever. I played by myself once and I was bored as shit haha.


04-11-2008 09:56:39

world tour is much better than RB2


04-11-2008 12:51:51

Gears of War 2 > Any other game


04-11-2008 15:56:27

hellz yea, although not many people have it yet, you can pretty much assume it will be. Are you any good "tryintogetpaid" at gears of war? Whats your all time rank? Mine is 14000 in the 14 thousands all time execution. Although this sounds high, its not, it is out of million of players.