Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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30-10-2008 05:22:33

Is anyone else looking forward to this game?

Here is a video they released yesterday (they will be releasing a new "Mash-up" trailer every week until the launch, Nov. 16)

... and here is trailer for the story


30-10-2008 09:24:54

Jokers fatality was toned down. I object to this game.


30-10-2008 10:57:00

[quote04190a85e2="TryinToGetPaid"]Jokers fatality was toned down. I object to this game.[/quote04190a85e2]

I know, that was a shame. I got a real kick out of it when I saw it for the first time... Here's hoping that the European version remains unedited (it's still rated 16+ over there).

Here is the uncensored version for all to enjoy

Here is The Joker's second fatality

... and here are some from The Green Lantern, Raiden, and The Flash


06-11-2008 04:50:59

Finishing Moves #2 (Sonya, Catwoman, Sub-Zero)

Ultimate Mash-up #2


10-11-2008 02:29:42

i've seen about 9 fatalities off game trailers and to be honest i'm not too impressed. I was never a die hard fan of excess blood and mutilation but damn, they toned it down to the point hwere i don't even want to do the fatalities for the shock/wow factor anymore. it's just not worth doing anymore, they're so weak aha


23-11-2008 04:49:52

The PAL version is "uncut", so Joker's fatality is left untouched... Xbox 360 version is region-free as well. I'll let you know how it is when I decide to get a copy.


23-11-2008 09:17:52

wow. sega genesis ftw


23-11-2008 19:59:40

how do I get the UK version