Little Big Planet

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14-10-2008 23:23:57

Any other ps3 owners excited for little big planet? This is one of the titles that helped push me to get a ps3 instead of a 360 (but I hope I can pick up a 360 soon). I played the beta and I have to say that this game is amazing. Some of the levels that people make are crazy imaginative. I hope that they fixed or will fix some annoying bugs, but other then that I cant wait until the 21 to purchase it.


22-10-2008 17:44:20

One more week until launch, I'm definitely in for this one. Hope it doesn't disappoint.


23-10-2008 01:19:44

It was supposed to be out already cry . I haven't been this hyped up for a game in years. Just creating a level in the game is fun. I stayed up all night making levels during the beta.


23-10-2008 05:18:34

It was delayed a week due to a music track that quoted or referenced the Quran, which would be offensive to some Muslims.


What I'm curious about is how Sony expects to fix this, re-master and re-package the fixed version, and reship all the games that were already shipped, in just one week.


24-10-2008 01:17:19

Yeah, I think it will take more then a week to remake all the disks. They said on their website that they will start shipping the new ones to retailers on the 28th but some websites say the game is not going to be released till mid November. I just need to either wait it out or start hunting around Colorado for a store that did not send their shipment back. I hear that a lot of blockbusters have the game for sale and for rent, so I might start checking all of those first.


27-10-2008 21:35:55

I just got my copy of Little Big Planet in the mail. I am sad that it didn't let me keep any of my stickers/levels that I created during the beta but this game is so amazing I can forget about that. If anyone else gets it and wants to play online my psn id is hitnaui.