Rock Band 2

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20-09-2008 13:50:52

Seriously, guys, guys, guys, rock band 2. Guys, is anyone listening? So good. Haha, I'm banging out 98% on every song on Hard on drums, i'm going to conquer expert and proclaim myself a god.


And it has "Lump" from Presidents of the United States of America and "You Ought'a Know" from Alanis.


20-09-2008 15:34:54

I'm pickin' the game up in a few minutes.


20-09-2008 23:44:15

Yeah, I just logged another 8 hours in.

I felt like such a waste of life when I realized that I spent 15 hours total on friday and saturday playing this, but then I took into account the awful week I had and how much I accomplished and then I didn't feel so bad.

there's some kick ass songs. We just unlocked "Battery" by Metallica and I was all amped up.

"Alive" by Pearl Jam is a real fan favorite and "In the Middle" by Jimmy Eat World is really fun to play. The songs (as far as drums are concerned) are way more fun than Rock Band, however, my stepbrother says he's not having as much fun singing them. So be that as it may, I love this damn game.


21-09-2008 07:57:42

The game owns.