Anyone played yet?

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18-09-2008 19:51:57

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19-09-2008 05:54:59

Had it a week and a half before it came out, good game, but slow at times. I would rather stick to Too Human.


19-09-2008 06:36:07

Yep, I got it Tuesday... absolutely love it


19-09-2008 20:12:05

Yep, just got done playing it on the PS3. I pre-ordered it from to save a couple bucks, then immediately regretted it after seeing it on Tuesday at Wal-Mart. Saving less than 2 lousy bucks cost me 2 days of playing. I almost never pre-order games anymore for that very reason, I have no idea what came over me.

It's pretty good, but I don't think it's going to make the impression on me that MGS4 did -- I'm going to have to go back and replay that on a higher difficulty. Been playing GRID too, that game is fun as hell.


19-09-2008 20:32:27

I won't get it until Christmas... Can't afford it. Trailer looks good though.


22-09-2008 06:51:05

I had played the hell out of the demo for the game from XBOX Live. It was pretty fun. It's finally fun to be able to use lightsabers and the force the way you have always wanted to in a game. However, after the shine and glimmer of that wears off, then the game is just like any other game. At least in my experience (however, it is limited and based only off the demo). I want to rent it before I buy it to see if it's truely worth the 50 some dollars it costs.


22-09-2008 08:49:23

My initial impression after playing it for an hour or two now (not counting the demo time), is that it will appeal to Star Wars fans, especially those who came up through the Jedi Knight series of games. But I don't consider it a great game on its own. I mean it's fun, and I don't regret buying it at all (have always liked the Star Wars canon but wouldn't call myself a fanboy), but I think a lot of people just won't enjoy it. The one "professional" review I've read so far has been lukewarm, rating it something like a C+.

I think my problem with it is I'm a bit jaded after coming off of MGS4. Now THAT was a revolutionary game that totally sucked you into the story and makes you care about the characters, which are wonderfully developed -- and the excellent gameplay just made it even better.

The whole premise behind SWTFU [spoilere1687e44c5]- Vader kidnaps the child of a slain Jedi and raises him as a secret apprentice, unbenownst to anybody, even the Emperor -[/spoilere1687e44c5] is kinda hokey if you ask me.

Still, it's graphically impressive (although not as impressive as MGS4, for some reason) and I'll certainly play it through to the end. It might even get better to me, as I'm just getting to the end of the first apprentice mission. Playing the intro level as Vader was kinda fun, something that the fanboys have been clamoring for for years.