Picked up the 80GB MGS4 PS3 bundle today...

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12-08-2008 12:06:54

Been wanting to get one, was going to wait another month or two, but now they're getting pretty scarce. I'm suspicious that it'll be discontinued due to the crippled and lower priced 80GB they just announced. So I've been looking for one (at regular price) over the past couple days and have struck out, untill I lucked into one at GameStop today at lunch and nabbed it.

Although I'm anxious to play MGS4, I prefer to play FPSes on the PC. I do like consoles for racing, sports, or arcade type games. I've been hooked again lately on NFSMW for the 360. What's the best racing game/sim for the PS3 nowadays? Don't say GT5Prologue -- I have a major problem paying $40 for what amounts to a demo. GT is an awesome franchise, but I'd rather wait until the full release. Grid, perhaps?


04-09-2008 12:29:20

MGS4 isnt really a FPS, though you could play it that way, it more of a stealth action game.