Braid & Geometry Wars 2

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07-08-2008 19:41:50

Fantastic. Braid is definitely the best XBLA game I've ever played, and Geometry Wars 2 is awesome as well. They just released two of the best XBLA games this week.

Braid http//

Geometry Wars 2 http//


12-08-2008 14:48:10

Bump. Nobody has ANYTHING to say about Braid? Come on now.


12-08-2008 16:20:36

I'd like to try it, but $15 for a XBLA game just seems a bit much.


12-08-2008 21:26:38

It's worth it. I played through the entire game. And there's also this crazy stuff that if you read online, there's hidden "stuff" to collect that even like people who reviewed the game didn't know about and most of it is almost impossible to collect. Yeah, so maybe there's not much replay value in the game, except for beating some record completion times, but the game is absolutely fantastic. I love it so much. The story is amazing, and it makes you think. I did research online about it and now it all makes sense to me. ) I'm about to start the game over to play it again.

The graphics/artistic style of the game is unbelievable, and the music is awesome too.

Seriously. You won't be sorry dropping $15 on this game. It's the most downloaded XBLA ever.


12-08-2008 22:59:31

Downloading the demos. Thanks for the heads up. )


13-08-2008 16:18:03

Okay so I played Braid last night and I thought it was pretty fun. How long did it take you to beat it?


14-08-2008 15:03:11

ummm hello i ask u question ok!?!


14-08-2008 15:48:59

Less than 10 hours. I'm not sure as I didn't play straight through. Some of the puzzles are extremely frustrating.


15-08-2008 01:48:23

I got the game (Braid) today. It's a fun game to play after a couple of bowls. 2 thumbs up.


26-08-2008 11:01:44