Anyone play guitar hero, or Gears?

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27-07-2008 21:46:27

ANyone play Guitar hero, or gears of war.

Guitar hero 3 Just recently(1 month ago) beat TTFAF (through the fire and flames) on expert, I tapped the beginning, then rocked out on the rest, Only ended up with like 320,000, I could get better, Also, beat the whole game on expert, every song but devil went down to georgia, I could beat it if I put enough time into it, highest is 80% through, then screwed up, my guitar didn't deply the power ( Anyways, Wondering if anyone wanted to challenge me to the game. Im good, but there are people better, coughli iamchris4lifeli cough If anyone plays gh you know who that is, lol hes 1st place for like every song on all guitar hero games. ( Almost got 1 million by himself on ttfaf. I can only get the million in co-op. Anyways, hit me up, my gamertag is eztarg3t13 Also... if you play gears of war, I am good at that too, Im signed up on game battles, our clan is killerzofwar )

Post letting me know if you are a skillful gamer ;)

P.S I also beat guitar hero aerosmith in about 1 1/2 hours. Such an easy game. Kind of too short, and not worth the money now. Songs are great though )


27-07-2008 21:59:37

I can't wait for GOW 2!!!!!!!


27-07-2008 22:03:20

I KNOW RIGHT, lol I have looked at the trailers on youtube for it, and seen actual multiplayer footage, they can crawl away, and instead of chainsawing from head to toe, they now start at the leg area, and go up, new executions, OMG, so sweet! LOL


28-07-2008 21:24:31

i'll challenge you to GH3 on XBL...when I get my guitar back from red octane since the whammy bar stopped working...thank god it happened BEFORE the warranty expired. P


29-07-2008 11:45:09

Ok, Ill be waigting, lol... Are you like a pro?


29-07-2008 12:24:24

rock band ftw.

seriously. i logged ten hours total in two saturdays


29-07-2008 15:26:45

LOL, I have logged almost that in 1 day one time, LOL. Anyways, rock band isn't hard enough, if you compare it to gh3 its so much harder on guitar hero


31-07-2008 04:57:19

[quote84f228cb35="ilikegreens"]Ok, Ill be waigting, lol... Are you like a pro?[/quote84f228cb35]
not a pro. but i beat the game on expert, and i usually hit a lot of those hammer-ons. ;)

never beat TTFAF though. got 70%.


31-07-2008 08:13:43

You should ask your neighbor to help you, lol


01-08-2008 08:34:13

Yea, it works, have someone tap half of the notes and strum, then you tap the rest for the intro, then play the rest by yourself if you can, like I did. Such a good feeling when I beat it, it had been bugging me like crazy. Also... TFOAF I love hammer ons, thats my strength, weekness is fast annoying notes.


01-08-2008 08:42:06



01-08-2008 14:06:10

why do you keep posting that, that is irrelivent to the topic! LOL