Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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07-07-2008 09:14:09

Is the most overlooked game evaaaar. I just started playing the multiplayer again. It's awesome. Sneaking around and breaking other player's necks never gets boring.


07-07-2008 12:47:04

Double Agent is actually one of my least favorite from the series. I think Chaos Theory will always be on top for me.


07-07-2008 13:54:37

I never got into Splinter Cell, I get bored sneaking around. I'd rather just rush in with guns blazing.


07-07-2008 14:36:50

Chaos Theory was awesome too. But Tyler, I'm not that much of a fan of the single player either. It got a tad boring after a while. The multiplayer is a whole different game. You can also be a mercenary and it's FPS style and you hunt down spies. I prefer being a spy though.


07-07-2008 14:42:53

Yeah I played the first splinter cell but I am pretty much sick of those sneaking games too.

Multiplayer on this sounds fun though, maybe I'll pick it up. Are there a lot of people that still play this online?


07-07-2008 15:08:58

Yep. I'm sure it's pretty cheap by now too. Like I said, the multiplayer is a whole different game. I haven't even beat the single player in Double Agent yet because I got bored of it sort of and whenever I play this game I'm playing multiplayer. As with all Splinter Cell games (well, starting from the 2nd one) it feels as if two different areas of Ubisoft were working on the same game; one working on single player and one making something entirely different in multiplayer.

Here's a video of some multiplayer in action --


For some reason this game does a better job at triggering my adrenaline than other games such as Halo 3. In Halo you just jump right in and you're more careless about your lives because you can respawn and all (which is fun... don't get me wrong; I love the game). In this game, you only have a set amount of lives so you're getting shot at you're like HOLY HELL AAAAAAAH! Then again, it has the shoot 'em up aspect too when you're a merc. You can send out drones to find spies in vents and detonate them among other things as well. Mercs are pretty fun but I definitely prefer spies.


07-07-2008 17:04:18

For some reason this game does a better job at triggering my adrenaline than other games such as Halo 3.[/quote022bd90df9]

doom 64 ftw


08-07-2008 11:17:28

I've never get tired of sneaking games. Anyone can go in and shot everything up.

But it takes skill and quick thinking to be able to sneak around and figure out how to get there without getting caught. Plus, popping melons with a sniper rifle is awesome!

Splinter Cell and Metal Gear series will never get old to me!


13-11-2008 07:50:54

Sweet Game!!!


12-02-2009 08:29:45

Maybe I'm just a dork, but I love the sneaking around/killing games. Any suggestions on any other PS games like this?

I liked ManHunt 1 & 2..