World of Warcraft

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27-06-2008 00:41:17

Servers? Characters? Anything. Discuss.

I have a 70 night elf rogue on Cho'gall, as well as a 64 troll hunter on Illidan.


27-06-2008 00:47:51

Used to play. Was a 60 warrior on the forgotten coast. then BC came out, I made it to 66 and then quit. It was taking soo much time playing that game.


27-06-2008 06:34:14

My friend plays it all the time. He's hooked, so I refuse to play it.


27-06-2008 14:34:06

I have a level 70 Blood Elf Hunter on a priv and a level 40 Dernie Hunter on public. Both called Niccola